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"MATHERAN – A Practical Guide" by Rainbow Adventures
Purpose of this book
    This book, "MATHERAN – A Practical Guide" is a sincere effort on our part, so that the lovely and enchanting Matheran is opened up to you in a much better and friendlier way. This book will help you to successfully plan and execute your trip to Matheran, enabling you to distribute your time between the sight seeing, travel, shopping at the market, eating and resting. So that you make the most of your stay in Matheran. Thus you go content and satisfied with what you have seen and experienced and plan to come back again to explore the yet unseen.
    Coming to our book – "MATHERAN – A Practical Guide" by Rainbow Adventures. We have tried our best to make the book as wholesome as possible, good for the layman visitor and also the Nature Lover, complete with more than 200 colour photographs. This book also has detailed maps equipped with Height above sea level, Latitude & Longitude details for each point of Matheran obtained from GPS (GARMIN) and a practical guide of the journeys to various points. This will enable you to plan and execute your trip to Matheran in the most gaining way and will create a desire to visit Matheran more often.
Happy reading…Happy Trekking…enjoy Matheran!!!

What will you find in this book?
1. Various scenic points and their colour pictures with description.
2. Colour route map of all the important points you can visit in Matheran.
3. Blow-up detailed colour map of Matheran divided in 3 zones to help you navigate.
4. Perfect geographical map of Matheran – well researched by our team of experts by GPS (GARMIN).
5. Feature article on what is available in the Matheran market so that you can plan your shopping.
6. Time-table of the Mini-train, ST bus and connecting local trains that bring you to or take you from Neral.
7. Complete list of Hotels and their contact numbers.
8. Discovery and History of Matheran with mention of latest developments that Matheran has gone through. 9. List of Insects, Butterflies, Moths, Reptiles, Snakes, with their colour pictures for identification.
10. List of birds with their colour pictures.
11. List of the flora of Matheran complete with family and scientific names & colour pictures.
     (An attractive reference for the amateurs and a very good check list for the already initiated)
12. List of mammals and their colour pictures.
13. List of useful places like Library, Hospital, Police station etc. with their phone numbers.
14. List of various trekking approach routes to Matheran.
16. Technical data – height above sea level, latitude-longitude, rainfall and temperature variations.

Special offer
    Compiling all this data and information, giving it the touch of research and expertise, has been a mammoth task, done with pleasure so that you, the regular visitor or the ones who have not yet visited Matheran, gain maximum benefit from this book - "MATHERAN - A Practical Guide".
    The book "MATHERAN - A Practical Guide" will be of approximately 120 pages, all colour pictures and will be brought out on Sunday the 4th of March 2012 corresponding to the restart of Vacation season in Matheran.
    The price of the book is Rs.380/- only. (No Delivery charge within India)

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